money doesn’t grow on trees

invest your business development budget with prudence


Inoculate is a boutique business development agency founded to support emerging organizations and early stage technology in the diagnostic and connected health space. Our experience and proven methodology drive business activity through the entire market and sales life cycle and brings unique perspective and ability to advance client solutions.


Our services are delivered through a budget friendly fractional and performance-based model. KOL engagement, initial product implementation, showcase development, and other supportive strategies are offered without payroll burden. Scaling sales force or sales channel development follows as traction occurs and market growth demands.


We effectively plan a life-cycle business development strategy and align market message with sales positioning for go-to-market execution.


Learn to walk before you run.


Simply an elegant model for launch.



Deliver connoisseur quality business development services leading growth organizations to high visibility specialized networks. Our fractional and pay-for-performance approach assures sound investment and scale opportunity.



Advance solutions to improve clinical outcomes, the patient experience, and cost management in healthcare. Connect people and organization with technology and develop pathways to successful results.




Inoculate was established based on a rich history and broad network in the medical imaging and digital health domains through works with market leading healthcare corporations, entrepreneurial efforts managing domestic and international start-ups in the US market, the founding of the Consortium for Patient Engagement, and a peer-reviewed IGI International textbook chapter on connected health technology.


We support emerging organizations design US market trial, provide country based organization presence, and grow sales through fractional and performance-based planning and execution.


Tony Zordich, Managing Principal




Jakub Sarlina, Digital Strategist