In his book, Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore insightfully identifies the difficulty High-Tech organizations face in transitioning their business efforts from early adopters to early majority customers. Early-stage High-Tech organizations so too face an earlier chasm in transitioning from the embryotic state of Incubator and Accelerator to nascent entity.



Emerging internationals looking to test or establish US market presence and growth face yet another challenge in navigating a foreign governance and business process.

Inoculate fills these gaps with fractional on-boarded face to the customer and boots on the ground expertise. While we navigate the healthcare system and grow marketing and sales capture, our clients acclimate and adapt to their new market.


Plan Execution | Face to the Customer | Sales Closure | Distributor and Reseller Initiation and Support | Scale Sales Team



As the healthcare community emerges from the severe COVID business interruption, are you best positioned to succeed? Now is the time to define your brand, drive revenue, and set your vision.

Here is a To Do Check List to start



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