SyntheticMR, AB
Linkoping, Sweden
MRI pulse sequence synthesis and quantification
12 months. Establish North American direct to end user and OEM sales support.

Ergospect, GmbH.
Innsbruck, Austria
Load and stress simulation equipment for use in the MRI bore while imaging
Multi-year, director of US operations. Establish North American direct sales and service support.

Consortium for Patient Engagement

A global resource to advance technology and tools that enhance patient engagement and outcomes.
Founder, 2014. Establish significant network with developers, providers and payers.

Engaging Patients and Lowering Costs, Technology to the Rescue, textbook chapter
Milan, Italy

Authored chapter “Transformative Healthcare Practice through Patient Engagement” a 2016 IGI Global Discovery textbook

BODYQuant, Inc.
New York, NY
A technology transference agency focused on quantitative measurements of major organs and tissues of the whole body for early disease detection, precision health management, and diagnostic decision support.
10 months, chief commercialization officer. Provide vision and mission guidance, third party engagement, and investor deck build

Diagnosoft, Inc.
Durham, NC, USA and Cairo, Egypt
Software package for cardiac MRI analysis
Multi-year, VP business development. Establish global distribution channels and US product launch for novel cardiac MRI exam.

Health Desk, Inc.
Chicago, IL. USA
Patent pending interactive patient engagement workstation
6 months, director of business development. Build go-to-market strategy and investor pitch.

MedicalExchange MEDTING, LTD
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Web 2.0 medical image collaboration platform
1 year, business development manager, US. Capture initial US sales and support through exit