BODYQuant, Inc.
New York, NY

Commercialization Officer for technology transference agency focused on quantitative measurements of major organs and tissues of the whole body for early disease detection, precision health management, and decision support. Initiatives include OEM partner campaigns targeting existing applicable technology licensing agreements and investor outreach. Restructured as PhenoMx, Inc.


Consortium for Patient Engagement

Self-founded in 2014 is a global platform recognizing patients as consumers and advances technology to fortify individual healthcare and age in place decisions. Co-author an IGI Global textbook chapter Promoting Patient Engagement and Participation for Effective Healthcare Reform, assessing connected health tools targeting medication adherence, readmission, and behavior modification.


Diagnosoft, Inc.
Durham, NC, USA and Cairo, Egypt

VP Business Development, spearheading business development and program management efforts for novel cardiac MRI exam. Establish product launch through multi-touch marketing campaigns, exhibition build, and pre-meeting advertising / client connect, establish global reseller partners and support. Restructured as Myocardial Solutions, Inc.


Ergospect, GmbH.
Innsbruck, Austria

Establish direct sales and ISO level contracted service support for in-bore MRI load and stress simulation. Initiatives and projects include multi-touch marketing campaign builds and execution based on nominal boot strapped organization budget. Developed reference quality show sites with highly recognized healthcare systems through IRB agreements. Grew annual NA sales volume to exceed rest of world bookings.


Fujifilm Medical Systems, USA
Stamford, CT

Direct and Sales Specialist support to a regional sales team, resellers and clients achieving record growth in the Computed and Digital Radiography, Digital Mammography, CAD, Image Management (PACS) software and hardware, and SaaS offerings. 


Health Desk, Inc.
Chicago, IL. USA

Engagement providing investor relations guidance and go-to-market strategy for patent pending prototype workstation designed as technology enriched smart furniture for a conducive healthcare educational environment. Efforts include MVP specification, corporate identity, investor deck build and engage, Proof of Concept site identification, documentation build.


MedicalExchange MEDTING, LTD
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Establish US Operations for Web 2.0 medical image collaboration platform. Initiatives and projects include multi-touch marketing campaign builds and  execution based on nominal boot strapped organization budget.  Exit to


Philips, NV
Andover, MA

Grew sales in various product lines/divisions with increased responsibility,  more sophisticated technology, and larger budget requirements including Ultrasound, Cardiovascular, Radiographic, CT, MRI equipment and Image Management Systems (PACS) software and hardware.


SyntheticMR, AB
Linkoping, Sweden

Advance US adoption of MRI pulse sequence and diagnostic software, initially in a pre-FDA cleared status. Initiatives include multi-touch marketing campaign builds and execution and direct OEM sales support. Establish investigative and proof of concept relationships with leading research, academic, and clinicians.


Virtualist, LLC.
Lafayette, LA, USA

Advance third party mixed reality tools for healthcare, medical education, and improved patient experience. a


Engaging Patients and Lowering Costs, Technology to the Rescue
Textbook Chapter
Milan, Italy
Authored chapter “Transformative Healthcare Practice through Patient Engagement” a 2016 IGI Global Discovery textbook